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Named 5 nail polishes that will be in fashion in spring 2023

It’s already time to take care of your manicure for next month.

A new season brings new trends. After a cold and gloomy winter, you want to introduce bright colours, bold shades and unusual experiments into your life. Here’s what color nail lacquers will be trending this spring.

Viva Magenta

This crimson-red shade will be at the peak of popularity from March 2023. By the way, Pantone has defined this shade as the color of the year 2023. You can combine it with the pink and red palette, but the best option is to go for a classic monochrome finish. Any bright color will lift your spirits in spring, so you can’t go wrong with Viva Magenta.

Tomato shade

This is a variety of red that you have to be very careful with. It does not suit everyone as it can look vulgar. Experienced nail technicians advise coating tomato colour on short nails, oval, round or square in shape. This colour is taboo on long and ‘sharp’ nails.

Lush green

A true symbol of spring. It goes well with white, silver, gold, yellow, grey and blue. Such a distinctive colour does not go unnoticed. Here’s an example of what this shade can look like on nails:

Electric blue

This color has been in fashion for years. It can be worn as a monochrome covering or experimented with by adding geometric patterns, combining shades, etc. Electric blue can be combined with the following shades: white, blue, grey, yellow, and black.

Airy blue

This option is perfect for those who like calm but ‘fresh’ shades. Airy blue combines with white, blue, mint, yellow, peach, grey, purple and many others. Generally speaking, it is a very versatile shade that can easily be paired with one another.

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