Nail Art Designs, Tips and Ideas


Nailart refers to the art of decorating one’s nails using different types of materials available in the market for the same. Nowadays, technology has made it possible to display the designs of one’s choice on the nails. In the past, you could do a manicure or pedicure and apply multiple coats of nail polish. Nails have now become a huge canvas on which one can express one’s creativity in any possible way, among the many options available.

There are four things which people use in their nailart which are:

  1. Nail Paints
  2. Acrylic Nails
  3. Embellishments
  4. Piercing
  5. Stamping

People use these four things differently and make their nails hand out. We can say this is an art that cannot be done by everyone.

Digital Nail Printing:

Digital nail printing is the latest innovation in nailart. It makes it possible to precisely reproduce on the nails any type of image that the client wants. As part of this process, the design is scanned into a computer. After the activation layer is applied to the nail, the customer has to put his hand in the machine, the design will be printed on the customer’s nail exactly like the original.

Every season has different trends in terms of occasions and seasons. People follow these trends and design their nails accordingly. Like during winters, people use bold and bright colors while in winters people use soft colors. This also differs during seasons like Christmas and Valentine’s people use different shades of Red and during Halloween, people use Black and Orange. So this totally depends on occasions and seasons.

Top Nail color brands for nailart are:


Founded by Essie Weingarten in 1981, it’s since become a legacy in the industry, worn by celebrities. Their nail colors have a wide variety and they last long.

Sally Hansen

When it comes to quality and affordability, few brands can compete with Sally Hansen.


The legendary fashion house also makes some of the most coveted nail colors, often hitting the runways of their own.


 The brand is known for its long-lasting formulas and fashion-forward shades. This shade is one of the popular colors for winter nail art design.


For hard-to-find shades, try this salon-loved brand, which offers over 200 polishes in both classic lacquer and gel formulas.

There are many other brands which are offering different shades and their quality is also good but the above ones are famous all around the world.

There are different ways to decorate the nails for nailart. Different styles and different sizes tools are available for creating designs for nailart. Some of the tools and ways for an amazing nailart are as follows:

  • Nail dotters, also known as “dotting tools”
  • Nail art brushes
  • Stationery tape/ stickers
  • Thin, colored striping tape
  • Sponges (for gradient effects)

Professionals have these tools and brushes for creating an amazing nail look but people who are doing nailart at home or are not professionals use different things which are easily available at home like:

scotch tape

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