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Manicure for short nails. Which design should be chosen?

Short nails can look just as impressive as long nails, especially if you choose the right nail design. The most winning manicure options for short nails are in the following overview.

Manicures for short nails are a genre in their own right and require a separate approach. It’s important to bear in mind that those manicure options that look great on long nails may not always be as luxurious on shorter nails. To make sure you don’t get the wrong nail design, here’s an overview of the trendiest manicure ideas for short nails that are definitely worth trying.


Red is an absolute nail classic that has no competition. One of the main advantages of red is that it looks equally impressive on both long and short nails, so in the case of the latter, it is always a win-win option.



Black on short nails looks stylish both solo and with a complementary design. Bold, rebellious, and sexy, black is the perfect complement to an everyday beauty look.


Soft and gentle pastel shades look very harmonious on short nails. You can experiment with the color palette and try combining several pastel shades on different nails in the same manicure.


With white nail polish, short nails will look visually longer, so if you’re not a fan of long nails in everyday life but you like their aesthetics, this option is perfect. White looks sleek and sophisticated, so it can be worn on casual days as well as on special occasions. 


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