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Manicure for different-shaped nails: Ideas for December 2022 – Copy

Already ready for your manicure for New Year’s Eve 2023? Take your time! There’s still plenty of time to try beautiful winter nail designs that don’t have a New Year’s theme 😉

Autumn has finally given winter the reins and the weather is really wintry, so it’s time for a new manicure to suit December. Before you know it, the year will be over, so it’s time for one last chic manicure this year, and not necessarily with a New Year’s theme. So, catch 5 design ideas for almond-shaped nails, because it’s the most comfortable and trendy shape 💅

Pink manicure

Bright pink isn’t the color you’d expect to see in a winter selection, but it’s actually a great way to dilute a quiet winter wardrobe. The neutral colors of winter sometimes get boring, you want more color as you did in autumn. So the shades of pink are great to cheer up! By the way, such a bright color will go well with monochrome jackets and jumpers.

Multi-colored manicure

Deep, dark neutral shades are also a great idea. Earthy, brown tones are great for creating a cozy look, especially when transitioning from autumn to winter. This is the last chance to enjoy the atmosphere of the passing season, so let’s remember the shades of falling leaves or the setting sun ☀

White manicure

What could be more appropriate in winter than in white? Nothing! Translucent white, glossy white, saturated white – any option will look great in the cold season. A manicure that gives you a sense of harmony with nature and the winter mood. And simple white can be diluted with such a shimmering polish as if the sun’s rays on the snow in the morning.

Glitter manicure

Sparkles always come in handy in winter! Sparkly nails are the choice of both simple gals and selves. So if you want to stay on trend, this is your perfect choice. Try adorning your nails with rhinestones and create your own unique winter design ❄ ❄

Chrome manicure

Metallic pink is an increasingly popular trend. By winter, this color will be the most in demand. This design is eye-catching and you won’t be left without compliments, and this manicure is wonderfully in the spirit of the approaching holidays.

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