Black Manicure Fashion Trends

Long gone are the days when black nails were exclusively associated with gothic and grunge styles. Today, trendy black manicures are almost a classic. So what new designs are on offer this year? 

Manicures with black nail polish largely reflect general nail art trends, but with adjustments for the specifics of the color. Thus, the most popular black nail designs for 2022 are:

  • geometric patterns;
  • sequins and rhinestones;
  • black French and matte manicures;
  • foil manicure;
  • ombré;
  • drawings (flowers, tongues of flame).

Black is the perfect base for decorating. Laconic geometrics, dots, and strokes are suitable for everyday manicures.

Rhinestones and sequins complete the festive look.

Black French and matt manicures will enhance the elegance and style of the ensemble.

Black matte manicure

Foil on 1-2 nails and the ombré technique will be the highlight of your entire bow. Black ombré manicure.

Drawings (flowers, flames, etc.) will always match your chosen style.

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