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Beautiful Nail Art

Nail art is an innovative way to paint, decorate, enhance and modify nails. This is a piece of art that can usually be done on nails and toenails after manicure or pedicure. Manicures and pedicures are cosmetic treatments for trimming, shaping, and polishing nails. These procedures generally remove the dead layer and cuticles leaving the skin soft around the nails. The type of manicure can range from sanding on natural nails to powder and acrylic nails.

Thinking to paint your nails with dark colors? Think dark reds, oranges and gold shades options are here for you. Today we’re sharing 10 of our very favorite nail art ideas from around the web. These designs are simple yet make you look star. These designs will make you stand out in the party. You can carry these designs with any of your favorite combination. Keep reading to get inspired!

  1. Red Nail Art

This elegant redish maroon manicure is perfect for your nails, with its dark hues and metallic gold tips. This would be a simple look to recreate, with a steady hand to paint the lines for the tips.

2. Glitter Nail Art


Looking something shinny? This design is perfect for you then. Transform your tips into festive themed beauties, by painting them with a brown base color and accenting them with colorful glittered polish that looks just like tiny bits of fall foliage. You can carry this design in any party or occasion.

3. Sequined Nail Art


This beautiful manicure is reminiscent of a yummy Thanksgiving dessert… maybe a perfectly baked pie or crême brulée. This nail art look begins with a warm beige polish underneath, and is topped with gold “sequins” on top. Simple and elegant, isn’t?

4. Gradient Nail Art


Next up, we have a lovely gradient effect which ranges from a lilac to sky blue. The effect is achieved by painting a variety of colors on a sponge and gently laying it onto the surface of the nails. So cool and classy. Perfect for summers!

5. Criss Cross Nail Art


This fun manicure reminds me a bit of a classic Thanksgiving dessert cherry pie! The background color is Royal Blue, while the overlapping diagonal grid pattern is a white.

6. Studded Nail Art


If you prefer embellishments to patterns, give this look a try. The base color is a warm Nude with Silver undertones, which is then accented with different sized studs on the thumb and all fingernails. Put these studs very carefully as it will damage your base color.

7. Matt Nail Color


This fresh look has a combination of metallic and matte, giving it a very modern look. The muted blue color would be perfect for Thanksgiving, while the metallic Gold tips lend a fancy vibe.

8. Red and Gold Nail Art


This bold look is done with a lovely red wine polish color from OPI, paired with a sparkly gold hue. A small gold chevron alternates with the red for a bit of contrast.

9. Leaf Nail Art


If you enjoy the colors of fall, but you’re not quite ready to let go of your favorite bright red summer polish… don’t! Simply use it on a couple of fingers as shown above, then combine it with some oranges and yellows.

10. Simple Nail Art


Looking for a subtle style this season? Try this beautiful studded soft pink look. Begin with two coats of silver glitter colored polish, and top with small silver studs as an accent. 

These all designs will be perfect to carry on any occasion, you can pair them with your favorite outfit. Color combination will depend on your mood, theme and the color of outfit. Neatness plays an important role in doing nail art. A little blunder and your nail art is all ruin so be extra vigilant while doing this art.

Hope this article will help you and you will create many different looks with these nail art ideas. Thanks for reading!!

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